Monday, September 14, 2009

Openings in Sasken

Intrested cadidates pls send your profiles
GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS Protocol Stack Developers
Location: Bangalore
Exp: 2-7 years

* Mandatory Skills
o Good C/C++ Coding Knowledge
o Mobile/Handset side software development/maintenance/upgrade experience in GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS protocol stacks
o Working Knowledge on GSM/GPRS/UMTS/Call Processing/ HSDPA/HSUPA AS, RRC, NAS, RLC, MAC, SPV, RRM, Mobility Management, Call Control, Session Management
o Good understanding of ETSI, 3GPP standards/test specifications

BSP / Device Driver Development Linux/Nuclues/Symbian/Android
Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad
Exp: 2-7 years

* Mandatory Skills
o Programming skills in C and assembly
o Base porting & Device Driver Development in Linux/ Nuclues/ RTOS
o Experience in developing drivers such as USB, DMA, MMU, Timers, Boot, I2C, ICU etc
o Experience in developing drivers for Mobile peripherals
o Experience in developing NAND/NOR/SD/Flash card drivers
o Good knowledge of hardware architecture especially TI OMAP or any ARM based platforms.
o TI DSP/BIOS Knowledge.

Symbian/Android Device Drivers/Apps/UI/Framework DevelopersLocation: Bangalore
Exp: 3-8 years

* Mandatory Skills:
o Proven knowledge on C/C++
o Proven knowledge on Generic Symbian/ Android concepts
o Exposure on CM tools (e.g., SVN, perforce, clearcase)
o Good understanding of the following vertical (Multimedia: MMF framework, OpenMax, RTSP, RTP, SIP; Telephony: TSY, ETEL, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, 324M, Call Managament, RCOM interface; Gaming: 2D/3D graphics, OpenGL ES, OpenVG, EGL; Messaging: IMAP based API, Message Server, MTM architecture, SMSM plugins, MMS plugins, GMXML, PCMTM; Networking: TCP/IP, RSocket interface)
o Work experience on any of the following area (Multimedia: Media Player, Media Capture, Video Phone, MMS, ECAM, Image Capture, Image Viewer, Streaming Player, Rich Voice Call; Messaging: MMS, SMS, Email, Chat; Gaming: 2D/3D game applications like asphalt, Vibe; PIM: Agenda, Calendar, Todol; Web Browser; Connectivity: SyncML, USB mass storage, MTP)
o Well versed with Symbian/Linux/ Android driver framework
o Proven experience in design, development and integration of at least one or more peripheral component on symbian/Linux/ Android from (LCD,Camera, Audio, USB, RTC, SD/MMC, Battery, UART, IR, BT, WLAN, GPS)

Mobile Application Developers Messaging, Qt, GTK, Multimedia Framework, WebKit
Location: Bangalore
Exp: 2 - 8 years

* Development experience in C/C++
* Working Experience in developing phone applications (SMS/MMS/Email/Calendar/Camera/Browser etc)
* Experience in Multimedia/Messaging/UI Framework & Widget Development
* Experience in developing mobile applications in Linux/Symbian/Brew/Android Platform
* Knowledge of LiMO, Qt/GTK,Maemo,Gstreamer,Bluetooth Profile development is added advantage

Intrested cadidates pls send your profiles