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19 - 17, October, 2010 - Hardware News

One Step Closer To Speedier, Bootless Computers

"Physicists at the University of California at Riverside have made a breakthrough in developing a 'spin computer,' which would combine logic with nonvolatile memory, bypassing the need for computers to boot up. The advance could also lead to super-fast chips. The new transistor technology, which one lead scientist believes could become a reality in about five years, would reduce power consumption to the point where eventually computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices could remain on all the time. The breakthrough came when scientists at UC Riverside successfully injected a spinning electron into a resistor material called graphene, which is essentially a very thin layer of graphite. The graphene in this case is one-atom thick. The process is known as 'tunneling spin injection.' A lead scientist for the project said the clock speeds of chips made using tunneling spin injection would be 'thousands of times' faster than today's processors. He describes the tech as a totally new concept that 'will essentially give memory some brains.'"

Small Startup Prevails In Server Cooling 'Chill Off'

"A small startup has shown exceptional energy efficiency in a data center 'chill off' comparing server cooling technologies. Clustered Systems posted the best numbers in the 18-month vendor evaluation sponsored by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. The Menlo Park, Calif. company built a prototype server that uses no fans and cools processors with a cold plate with tubing filled with liquid coolant. The testing accidentally highlighted the opportunity for additional energy savings, when the Clustered Systems unit continued to operate during a cooling failure that raised the chiller plant water temperature from 44 to 78 degrees F."

Cooking With Your USB Ports

"Wow, I would never have thought to try and cook food with the power that a standard USB port provides, but someone did. A standard port provides 5V of power, give or take a little. I am not even sure what it takes to heat a small hotplate, but I am sure it is more than 5V. It looks like the guy tied together around 30 USB cables powered by his PC to power this small hotplate. But believe it or not, it seems to have cooked the meat perfectly."

AOL Spends $1M On Solid State Memory SAN

"AOL recently completed the roll out of a 50TB SAN made entirely of NAND flash in order to address performance issues with its relational database. While the flash memory fixed the problem, it didn't come cheap, at about four times the cost of a typical Fibre Channel disk array with the same capacity, and it performs at about 250,000 IOPS. One reason the flash SAN is so fast is that it doesn't use a SAS or PCIe backbone, but instead has a proprietary interface that offers up 5 to 6Gb/s throughput. AOL's senior operations architect said the SAN cost about $20 per gigabyte of capacity, or about $1 million. But, as he puts it, 'It's very easy to fall in love with this stuff once you're on it.'"

A quick look at the Windows Phone 7 demo

Yesterday, Steve Ballmer took the stage to orchestrate the introduction of his company's long-awaited revamp of its phone operating system. We've picked up a few review units, but aren't able to talk about them at the moment, so we thought we'd share some of our photos of the event to hold you over until the reviews are ready. Some of them reveal a bit about the Windows Phone 7 interface.

Intel's upgradable processor: good sense or utter catastrophe?

Intel's upgradable processor: good sense or utter catastrophe?
Intel is about to experiment with a new concept in mass-market processors with its forthcoming Pentium G6951 CPU: upgradability. The chips will be upgradable by end users via a purchased code that is punched in to a special program. Previews of the processor quietly hit the Web last month, and with Engadget's post of the retail packaging, people took notice with reactions ranging from surprise to outright disgust.
The Pentium G6951 is a low-end processor. Dual core, 2.8GHz, 3 MB cache, and expected to be around $90 each when bought in bulk—identical to the already-shipping Pentium G6950. The special part is the software unlock. Buy an unlock code for around $50, run the software downloaded from Intel's site, and your processor will get two new features: hyperthreading will be enabled, and another 1 MB of cache will be unlocked, giving the chip a specification just short of Intel's lowest Core i3-branded processor, the 2.93 GHz Core i3-530. Once unlocked, the G6951 becomes a G6952.( More … )

Probabilistic processors possibly pack potent punch

Probabilistic processors possibly pack potent punch
A DARPA-funded processor start-up has made bold claims about a new kind of processor that computes using probabilities, rather than the traditional ones and zeroes of conventional processors. Lyric Semiconductor, an MIT spin-off, claims that its probabilistic processors could speed up some kinds of computation by a factor of a thousand, allowing racks of servers to be replaced with small processing appliances.
Calculations involving probabilities have a wide range of applications. Many spam filters, for example, work on the basis of probability; if an e-mail contains the word "Viagra" it's more likely to be spam than one which doesn't, and with enough of these likely-to-be-spam words, the filter can flag the mail as being spam with a high degree of confidence. Probabilities are represented as numbers between 0, impossible, and 1, certain. A fair coin toss has a probability of 0.5 of coming up heads.( More … )

FSF Announces Hardware Endorsement Criteria

"The Free Software Foundation has announced criteria for the hardware endorsement program 'Respects Your Freedom.' From the announcement: 'The desire to own a computer or device and have full control over it, to know that you are not being spied on or tracked, to run any software you wish without asking permission, and to share with friends without worrying about Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) — these are the desires of millions of people who care about the future of technology and our society. (...) With our endorsement mark and the strong criteria that back it, we plan to bridge that gap and demonstrate to manufacturers that they stand to gain plenty by making hardware that respects people's freedom instead of curtailing it.' While it currently contains some requirements that many may find broader than what they personally need, the remaining criteria would make the FSF endorsement a useful tool when looking for devices that give the owner control over the device they have bought and paid for. The criteria are still open for feedback."

Study Shows Babies Think Friendly Robots Are Sentient

"A study from University of Washington claims that babies think robots are human, so long as the robots are friendly. No word on what evil robots are thought to be. From the article: 'At 18 months old, babies have begun to make conscious delineations between sentient beings and inanimate objects. But as robots get more and more advanced, those decisions may become harder to make. What causes a baby to decide a robot is more than bits of metal? As it turns out, it takes more than humanoid looks — babies rely on social interaction to make that call.'"

Unspoofable Device Identity Using Flash Memory 

wiredmikey writes with a story from Security Week that describes a security silver lining to the inevitable errors that arise in NAND flash chips. By seeking out (or intentionally causing) defects in a given part of the chip, a unique profile can be created for any device using NAND flash which the author says may be obscured, but not reproduced: "[W]e recognize devices (or rather: their flash memory) by their defects. Very much like humans recognize faces: by their defects (or deviations from the 'norm') a bigger nose, a bit too bushy eyebrows, bigger cheeks. The nice twist is that if an attacker manages to read your device identity, he cannot inscribe it into his own device. Yes, he can create errors — like we did. But he cannot control where in the block they occur as this relies solely on microscopic manufacturing defects in the silicon."

Huge Shocker — 3D TVs Not Selling

"It comes as no surprise to the vast majority of us who haven't rushed out to buy a 3D TV, but according to a DisplaySearch report consumers aren't doing their part to make 2010 the year of 3D TV, says blogger Peter Smith. And the stats are even worse than Smith imagined they'd be: 'DisplaySearch estimates that 3.2 million 3D TVs will be shipped in 2010. Note, that's shipped, not sold. 3.2 million equates to 2% of all flat panel displays shipped (as far as I can ascertain, that's worldwide shipments). So yeah, there are not many 3D TVs being shipped this year. But wait, that's not the end of the bad news. In Western Europe (the only region where they offered this data point) sales of 3D glasses are less than 1 per 3D set sold. In other words, a lot of Western Europeans who buy a TV with 3D capability don't even bother to buy the glasses to use that feature.'"

Pirate Electrician Supplied Power To 1,500 Homes

 "A former electrical engineer for utility EDF has been prosecuted for illegally supplying power to some 1,500 homes in north London. Derek Brown, 45, was arrested in 2008 after being seen tampering with the electric grid in a manhole. He specialized in connecting separate supplies to houses that were split into apartments. One landlord involved, Haresh Parmar, was jailed for 9 months for stealing £30,000 worth of electricity for 22 of his apartments. Brown's assets will be seized and he has been sentenced to 8 months suspended, and 150 hours community service."

17, October, 2010 - Apple News

The World's Most Expensive iPhone

"British designer Stuart Hughes, 38, of Liverpool, was commissioned to make two of the bespoke handset by a mega-rich Australian businessman. The handset is wrapped in more than 500 individual flawless cut diamonds totalling 100 carats. It features two interchangeable diamonds which fit over the 'home' button - a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond and a rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond which are together worth more than £4 million. The back of the phone is plated in rose gold and the Apple logo glitters with 53 diamonds."

Verizon Will Sell iPad+MiFi Bundles, Starting Oct 28th, 2010

"iPad will be available at over 2,000 Verizon Wireless Stores nationwide beginning Thursday, October 28. Verizon Wireless will offer three bundles, all featuring an iPad Wi-Fi model and a Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, for a suggested retail price of $629.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 16GB + MiFi, $729.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 32GB + MiFi and $829.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 64GB + MiFi. Verizon Wireless is offering a monthly access plan to iPad customers of up to 1GB of data for just $20 a month. In addition, Verizon Wireless will also offer all three iPad Wi-Fi models on a stand-alone basis." Read More ...

Back To the Mac' Media Event On October 20th

"Engadget reports that Apple has issued invitations for a special media event to be held next Wednesday, October 20th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The invitation for the event, which is to be held at the company's campus in Cupertino, California, carries the tagline 'Back to the Mac.' The invitation also contains an image of what appears to be a lion peeking out from behind the Apple logo, hinting at discussion of Mac OS X 10.7. 'Lion' has been one of the most commonly-suggested 'big cat' names for the next-generation operating system. Much of Apple's notebook line with the exception of the entry-level MacBook is due for a refresh, and Apple has refreshed at least a portion of its notebook line each October or November for the last several years. Apple's desktop offerings have all been updated relatively recently, suggesting that the company's media event may focus on notebooks if new hardware is included on the agenda."

Apple Awarded Anti-Sexting Patent

"If your parenting skills aren't up to snuff, Apple's got a patent on the device that will allow you to control what your child sends and receives. Entitled 'Text-based communication control for personal communication device,' this patent uses examples like increasing the number of Spanish words your child receives so that they can better learn Spanish. You could even use it to control your child's grammar and spelling in outgoing text messages. But news sources seem to be focusing on the censorship issue that Apple has been criticized for before: 'The control is in line with earlier efforts adopted by Apple like Playboy which entered into a deal with Apple to censor its content to secure a place in App Store.' Perhaps the wives and agents of popular athletes would be more interested in this technology? Apple is certainly sending a message opposite to the one Microsoft advertises."

iPhone 4 Screens Break 82% More Than 3GS

A surprising number of readers have submitted linkage to a story discussing a recently released study that proclaims that iPhone 4 glass breaks way more often than the 3GS's. Although the chart that I found more surprising was the one that said almost 9% of iPhone 3GS screens crack after a year.

iPhone Opens Up Bluetooth For Data

"Apple has loosened its tight grip on the iPhone and allowed a third party to develop a health device that exchanges data with the iPhone and their hardware. Is this the start of a trend for Apple that will relax constraints on non-audio Bluetooth use, or is this an exception? Does anyone know of any other devices for the iPhone that allows non-audio Bluetooth transmission of data?" Reader climenole points out an article about another health-sensor system, dubbed a "body area network," that is built to work with Android devices, but not via Bluetooth.

Motorola Sues Apple

"Just a week after Motorola Inc. (MOT) itself became the target of legal action by Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), it sued Apple Inc. (AAPL) for the alleged infringement of 18 of its patents. Motorola subsidiary, Motorola Mobility Inc. also filed patent suits against Apple in federal court in Illinois and Florida."

The Hackintosh Guide

"A 'Hackintosh' is a computer that runs Apple's OS X operating system on non-Apple hardware. This has been possible since Apple's switch from IBM's PowerPC processors to Intel processors a few years ago. Until recently, building a PC-based Mac was something done only by hard-core hackers and technophiles, but in the last few months, building a Hackintosh PC has become much easier. Benchmark Reviews looks at what it's possible to do with PC hardware and the Mac Snow Leopard OS today, and the pros and cons of building a Hackintosh computer system over purchasing a supported Apple Mac Pro."

17, October, 2010 - Software News

Welcome to the social: Bing uses Facebook friends to power search

During a live event at Microsoft's headquarters today, Bing and Facebook announced that Facebook's social data is being added to Bing. In an optional Facebook module, Bing now shows what has been "Liked" by your friends and offers Facebook-powered people search results on Bing's search results page. These new social search features, available only when an individual is logged into Facebook while searching on Bing, will begin rolling out to users today, with full availability in the coming months. Read More ...

Microsoft buying Adobe would fix both companies' Apple problem

The New York Times is reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has recently been at a secret meeting with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen to discuss topics including the two companies' mutual competitor, Apple.
The Times says that the companies were investigating ways to partner in order to do battle with Apple. One option was for Microsoft to acquire Adobe, a claim that has seen Adobe's stock price surge by more than 10 percent. Read More ...

October 2010 Patch Tuesday will come with most bulletins ever

According to the Microsoft Security Response Center, Microsoft will issue 16 Security Bulletins addressing 49 vulnerabilities on Tuesday, October 12. It will also host a webcast to address customer questions the following day.
Four of the vulnerabilities are rated "Critical," 10 are marked "Important," and the last two are classified as "Moderate." All of the Critical vulnerabilities earned their rating through a remote code execution impact, meaning a hacker could potentially gain control of an infected machine. At least eight of the 16 patches will require a restart. Read More ...

Microsoft sues Motorola, citing Android patent infringement

Microsoft has announced a lawsuit against Motorola, alleging that several of the mobile company's Android devices infringe on nine of its patents. The software giant is suing in US District Court in Washington, and is also bringing a complaint before the International Trade Commission (ITC). The patents are all related to key smartphone experiences that include syncing e-mails, calendars, and contacts, scheduling meetings, and notifying applications about changes in signal strength and battery power. Microsoft specifically names two Motorola devices, the Droid 2 and the Charm, but says these are just examples and not a comprehensive list.
The suit comes just as Microsoft readies the release of its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, the successor to Windows Mobile. Motorola was once a big backer of Windows Mobile, but in recent years it has shifted to Google's Android. Although manufacturers can use Android for free, Microsoft argues that phone makers should consider the potential patent infringement issues and the related costs of the mobile OS.
Read More ...

IE9 beta not enough to keep IE market share over 60% mark

2010 will be remembered as the year when Chrome took off despite Microsoft's attempts to hold on to its shrinking browser market share. It looks like Internet Explorer's two months of market share gains were an aberration. Other trends are continuing as before: Firefox is steady between 20 and 25 percent share, Chrome is steadily moving forward, and Safari trudges onward. Opera, meanwhile, is still hanging on to the leftover scraps. Everyone but Microsoft saw at least a modest market share gain in September. Read More ...

Crackdown on Zeus Trojan crime ring in progress, 60 charged

Law enforcement agencies say that over 60 people have been charged with trying to siphon millions of dollars out of banks by using the Zeus Trojan program. Police made about 11 of the arrests in New York City, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City police department.
It also appears that these busts are related to a crackdown in London yesterday in which 19 people were accused of being part of a cybercrime ring that stole about £6 million from UK banks.
The Zeus Trojan is a sneaky little sucker. It's designed to trick users into downloading the program via various phishing scams. Then Zeus goes into keystroke logging mode, tracking your bank and credit account data as you type away on your computer.
The application can also be designed to make individual installations vary, so that it's harder for antivirus software to track down. Plus kos, or "kill operating system" code can be written into the Zeus program. This extra feature doesn't wipe out user data, but it does make it difficult to reboot the system.
The Department of Justice and Manhattan District Attorney say they'll disclose more details about the case today. The UK banks involved include the Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC holdings.

Unity 3 brings very expensive dev tools at a very low price

Indie game development tool Unity got a big update today with version 3. Unity is well known for its use in mobile Web and 3D mobile game development, but this new release brings some desktop and console graphics features usually only seen in more expensive high-end development packages like UDK.
Unity 3 brings deferred rendering (allowing for many real-time lights with little added rendering overhead), a built-in tree editor, native font rendering, automatic UV mapping, audio filters, occlusion culling for desktop OSes and, most notably, integration of Illuminate Labs' Beast Lightmap tool. Beast has been used extensively in games like Mirror's Edge and Killzone 2 to create efficient, high-quality 32-bit floating point shadow maps.
Unity 3 also adds Android support, although it's still undergoing polishing. Unity remains free for commercial use for Web and desktop game development and Unity Pro remains $1,500 per seat.
It has been a good month for the people at Unity. Apple recently loosened restrictions on the use of cross-compilers for iOS development, which was aimed at Flash, but also caught a lot of fish like mono-based Unity in the net. Then Unity won The Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Award for software. The year looks good for Unity users as well—the company plans a free upgrade to version 3 that integrates Allegorithmic's Substance, a powerful procedural texture generation tool. If you're an existing Unity user, it's hard to find a reason not to upgrade.

Home WiFi Network Security Failings Exposed

"The shocking state of home wireless (Wi-Fi) network security in the UK has been revealed by a life assistance company study. CPP used an 'ethical hacker,' Jason Hart, to test thousands of Wi-Fi networks across six UK cities, including London. He found that many didn't even have a password and roughly half of home UK Wi-Fi networks could be hacked in less than 5 seconds."

Erasing Objects From Video In Real Time 

Smoothly interpolating away objects in still pictures is impressive enough, but reader geoffbrecker writes with a stunning demonstration from Germany's Technical University of Ilmenau of on-the-fly erasure of selected objects in video. Quoting: "The effect is achieved by an image synthesizer that reduces the image quality, removes the object, and then increases the image quality back up. This all happens within 40 milliseconds, fast enough that the viewer doesn't notice any delay."

17, October, 2010 - Mobile News

4G vs. 3G vs. WiFi Throughput For Samsung's Epic 4G

Some of the most popular Android smartphones currently available are members of Samsung's Galaxy S line. Powered by Samsung's own 1GHz ARM Cortex A8-based Hummingbird processor with a four-inch Super-AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, it's no wonder Samsung has sold over 5 million Galaxy S phones. The Epic 4G variant of this phone, available through Sprint, is also one of the scant few 4G capable devices on the market currently. Sprint's 4G network utilizes WiMAX mobile broadband, with a theoretical maximum throughput of 40Mbps. Sprint claims that the average download speed on its 4G network is between 3 to 6Mbps, with peak download speeds above 10Mbps. The performance figures seen here actually show solid throughput for the Epic, besting competitive 3G devices and even versus some with a Wi-Fi connection. 4G WiMAX service is still rather limited geographically, but hopefully devices like these will help to kick the roll-out into gear a bit. Read More ...

Can Apps Really Damage a Cellular Network?

"In FCC filings earlier this year, T-Mobile described how the behavior of one Android IM app nearly brought their cellular data network to a breakdown in one city. Even more interesting, the US carrier describes how just the 300,000 unlocked iPhones on their network caused massive spikes in data usage. T-Mobile is using these anecdotes as evidence that mobile carriers should be able to retain control over the applications and devices on their network to ensure quality of service for all users. Do they have a point?"

Devs Grapple With 100+ Versions of Android

"The scale of the challenge facing Android developers has been laid bare by Twitter client TweetDeck. During beta testing of its new software, TweetDeck encountered more than 36,000 testers using an enormous pool of 244 different handsets. Not only was hardware for the platform fragmented, but Tweetdeck had to contend with more than a hundred different versions of Android, highlighting just how muddled the market is for the open-source platform. The splintering of Android is making life difficult for app developers. 'It's not particularly harder to develop for Android over iPhone (from a programming standpoint),' said Christopher Pabon, a developer who writes apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms. 'Except when it comes to final quality assurance and testing. Then it can be a nightmare (a manageable nightmare, mind you).'"

When You Really, Really Want to Upgrade a Tiny Notebook

"The famous Sony VAIO UX UMPC may have been cancelled a few years back by Sony, but the community at Micro PC Talk won't let it die. Modder Anh has carefully removed the relatively slow 1.33Ghz Core Solo CPU and installed a much faster Intel Core 2 Duo U7700 (a process which involves reballing the entire CPU). On top of this, he managed to install an incredibly small 4-port USB hub into the unit which allowed for the further instillation of a Huawei E172 modem for 3G data/voice/SMS, a GPS receiver, and a Pinnacle HD TV receiver. All of this was done without modifying the device's tiny external case. Great high-res pictures of the motherboard with the modded hardware can be seen through the link."

17, October, 2010 - Linux News

Linux Kernel Development 3rd Ed

"Linux Kernel Development Third Edition by Robert Love is the perfect book for the beginning or intermediate Linux kernel hacker. It provided me an excellent bridge between the high level introduction I had in college (from Operating Systems Concepts) and the actual kernel code. The best part about this book is that the chapters are — like the kernel — modular, and allow the reader to dig down in a particular part if they have a specific interest. This, in conjunction with Love's indications of which files and code snippets contain the logic, gave me confidence to clone the kernel, make tiny adjustments, compile and run. At four hundred pages, the book is a long read, but for kernel newbies like me it's a better alternative to jumping into the millions of lines of code. While you might find this information in pieces floating around online, this book balances clarity with brevity in an exceptional manner. It should also be noted that this book defaults to the x86 architecture when explaining architecture-sensitive parts of the kernel (with 64-bit differences occasionally outlined)." Read More ...

Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, Now Available

"The latest version of Ubuntu — 10.10, called Maverick Meerkat — has been released. This release contains new improvements, like an update to the Ubuntu One online service (with music streaming), Shotwell instead of F-Spot, the new Unity interface (for netbooks), and an upgrade to just about every piece of existing software. The announcement e-mail has more details."

Ubuntu Won't Moan To EU About Microsoft 

"The company behind the Ubuntu Linux distro says it has no plans to follow Opera's lead and file a complaint against Microsoft to the EU. Ubuntu 10.10 is the most 'consumer-friendly' version of the Linux distro to date, but it faces an uphill battle against Microsoft's marketing machine. Even high-profile supporter Dell has dropped Ubuntu machines from its website in recent months, while continuing to remind visitors that 'Dell recommends Windows 7' at the top of every PC page. 'I don't think we've ever considered [an EU complaint],' said Steve George, vice president of business development at Canonical. 'The improvements we're making to Ubunutu ... are a better route for us to reach out to users and get a bigger user base.'" 

Microsoft Admits Is a Contender

 "Microsoft has unwittingly admitted that is a rival, by launching a three-minute video of customers explaining why they switched to Microsoft Office from Glyn Moody writes: 'You don't compare a rival's product with your own if it is not comparable. And you don't make this kind of attack video unless you are really, really worried about the growing success of a competitor. [Microsoft] has now clearly announced that is a serious rival to Microsoft Office, and should be seriously considered by anyone using the latter.'"



Hi! I am Soham Goswami(Dept.-IT, BIT, Kolkata) & I got in ZENSAR TECNOLOGIES through campus placement process.
The interview process was divided into three parts::-
(1)    Aptitude test (88 questions 80 minutes)
(2)    Technical Interview
(3)    HR Interview.

Some of our friends had technical and HR together, some had separately. I had my technical & Hr together. Total 91 students had cleared there apti & finally 36 out of them were selected.

There were four sections::-(a) General English & verbal test,
(b) Quantitative aptitude (c) Logical reasoning (d) Technical(mainly on C,dbms).[concentrate on R.S.Agarwal for quanti & the logical part.]

1. What are the types of OS, with examples?
2. Difference between Linux & Windows.
3. During multitasking, whether the jobs are executed parallely? Whether the  WINDOWS OS is pre-emptive?
4. Is multitasking & multithreading are same or not?
5. Various versions of WINDOWS.
6. Latest Version of WINDOWS(Windows vista).
7. What do you know about Vista ?
8. What is SDLC & its steps.
9. How will you decide which language (whether c,java,etc…) is suitable for the development of a particular software?
10. Why java is platform independent?
11. Are the JVM for C & JVM for JAVA are different?
12. What are byte code & object code?
13. Difference between C & Java.
14. What is polymorphism & its types?
15. How overriding is done?
16. What is inheritance?
17. How error handling is done in Java?
18. Types of classes in Java.
19. Storage classes in C.
20. Types of function calls?
21. Call by reference & call by value.Which is better?
22. What are the types linklist?
23. Write a program to search a certain node in a linear linklist?
24. Write a program to find the length of a string in C?

25. Why Zensar? Your plans for the next 4 years with Zensar.
26. What are your achievements?
27. Which part of the powerpoint presentation did you like the most?
28. How many presentations have you seen before?
29. Why have you failed in the interviews which you had earlier?
30. How will you rate yourself out of 5 in the technical interview?
31. What do you think, your weakest part in technical interview?
32. Will you have any problem,if you are relocated out of kokata?
33. Do you have any questions for us?

That's all, just be confident and stick to the basic concepts of the subjects which have you studied. Best of Luck to all future ZENSARIAN.



hi there, I  attended the open campus recruitment of Zensar held in H.C.E.T. Jabalpur.I wasn't able to clear the written but I am posting this paper so that u can utilize my xperience in cracking Zensar.

The paper had 4 sections -:
1) EU
2 questions on synonymns 1word was acrimonious & I don't remember the other 1
2 ques. on antonymns like amorous
some ques on grammar corrections & 1 RC very easy
there were 21 ques  & the time was 20 min. Friends if u have gud hold in English then u need not 2 worry about this section.

2)Quant apti
20 ques 20 min
Most of the ques were based on Profit & Loss, Pipes & cisterns, Percentages
Speed & distance, time & Work, DI. Prepare well 4 this section from R.S. aggrawal Quant

3) Logical  Reasoning
20 ques 20 min
This was very easy. even without preparation u can solve atleast 8 to 10 ques.
2 ques on DI pi chart
3 ques from syllogisms
1 ques on number series
17,31,59,115,?                 (exact ques) ans 227
2-3 ques on coding encoding
3 ques on seating arrangements
a,b,c,d,e,f r to be arranged around a hexagon, a should be opposite of f, d should be between a & b bl ab la bla
rest I don't remember.

4) Technical
21 ques in 20 min very easy
ques were basically from C,RDbms, data com  computer architecture
only a basic knowledge of C is required to crack this section.

so friends prepare well & try to attempt as many ques as u can as there is no negative marking. try to attempt atleast 14 ques in each section.
Best of Luck

Varun Rao



The test consist 4 section.

out of 500-600 students onty 75 cleared the written test and i m one of them but unfortunately i have not selected. the technical section is quite easy but aptitute part is quite tough,but if u r good in time management so u can do it well.i m not remember all some que..i remember so i give u the idea..
1.REASONING:- In this section the ques is based on seriese of alphabets lile find the how many letters are not in theire currect place like abcfedghilkjmnorqpstuvwxyz. and some ques on sitting arrangement.
2.VERBAL:-in this section the ques based on fill in the blanks ans find the error and  comprehension and some ques on jumbeled sentence and analogy and synonyms and antonyms ques..
3.TECHNICAL:-1.some c que ques like what is the out put of the program like
void main()
 int i=0;
for(  ;  ;  )

2.which converts the assembly lang into objectcode.
(1) compiler.
(2) linker.

3.whict protocol is used when file through internet is send from one server to another server.

4.which protocol is used for file transfer

5.what is the output of program
void main()
 int i;
{ int i=3;

6.recursen is used to
ans:-(1)reduce the execution time

7. accessing of tap in a machin is like

8.the tuple in a table represent the

so there is 25 ques in verbal section and 22 in aptitute and 21-21 ques in tech and reasoning sections.
TECHNICAL INTERVIEW:-1.tell me abt urself? many lang u know? u know the concept of database?
4.implement the link list ?
5.make a prog of fabbonacci series?
6.make a program to find the given in string is palandrom or not?
7.types of data structure?
8.what is abstract class?
9.def.of binary tree?
10.types of access specifire?
11.diff  b/w  private and protected acc. spe..?
12.diff b/w multiple and multilevel inheritence?
13.draw the basic archetecture of computer?
14.diff of friend function?
15.what is virtual function ?

HR :-1 tell me abt urself? was the written test? many brothers and sisters do u have?
4.occupation of ur father ?
5.ur native place?
6.tell me abt ur hobbies?
7.can u live alone?
8.have u been to pune? and if yes so how many times? many cities u have been visited ?
10.why should i select u?
11.tell me abt ZENSAR?
and at last the HR gave me papers and told me to write a essay on BPO.


Hi Everyone,         
I am Debabrata Biswas, a student of MCA of Siliguri Institute of Technology of 2007 pass-out batch. Zensar Technologies came for campus selection process for MCA’s only at the Techno India College on August 8 & 9, 2006. Their recruitment process has the following stages:
          I] Aptitude Test of 80 minutes duration. It has four sections – English, Quantitative, Verbal reasoning & Technical section which contained only C & C++.
Number of questions in each section ranged between 20-25.In all there was 86 questions in my paper where as other sets had between 80 to 90. There was no negative marking .There was no sectional cut-off but there were sectional time limits of 20 minutes each. U r only allowed moving on to the next section only when the time of a section was up.
          II] Technical & HR interview. For some there were separate interviews others had it one. There were two member panels.

          In the English section there were standard GRE type questions i.e. Synonyms [“Words which mean closest to the following”], Antonyms which had words like lucid,
Sumptuous, censure etc. There were also analogy questions [“which of the following best illustrates a relationship similar to the given relation”]. This part had questions like carpenter: saw then what:?. There was also passage of about 200 word length on African & European arts which contained some tough sentences. Each of the above types had 4-5 questions. Anyone who is acquainted with GRE Baron’s will be able to do most of the questions.
          Next section was Quantitative. This was the easiest section. Most of the questions were from RS Agarwal book. Anyone who has practiced that book can easily do 17-18 of 22 odd questions.
          Then there was easily the toughest section in reasoning. This is mainly bcoz the questions were lengthy & it was difficult to do in 20 minutes. It had data interpretation from bar charts, puzzle. It also had arrangement problem with certain conditions given. It was like among P, Q, R & S, T, U only Q & S can drive. They were going by a car in which people sat in two rows. No group member sits beside member of same group. There were certain other conditions given & situations based on which u had to find sitting arrangements. Then there was a question on order of events - In a certain refresher course 6 subjects r taught. There were conditions given & u had to find order in which the subjects were taught. RS Agarwal verbal reasoning book needs to be practiced well for this section.
          The last section was Technical. It mainly had small but tricky pieces of code given in C & C++ & u had to predict the output. This was mainly there to check the logical concepts. Most of it u’ll find on books like “test ur C skills” & “exploring C” by kanetkar.
          The cut-off marks were not announced. But as sectional cut-off was not there, the feeling one got was that a score of around 50-55 [out of 86] will clinch it for u. From 350+ aspirants from 8 colleges they selected 40 for the interview in the next day. I was among those selected.

          On the next day they gave a detailed PPT before the start of the interview process. They also give u a form to fill up. U also need to bring 2 copies of ur CV as they’ll take one copy of the CV along with the form. All candidates were given call numbers. Those with odd call numbers faced one panel & the evens faced the other panel. The duration of interviews ranged from 15 to as much as 45 minutes.
          In the interview Firstly I was asked about how my test was. Later I got to know that many were asked this innocuous looking but potentially dangerous question first up. I suggest however good ur test may be, be a little reserved on this. Then they thoroughly grilled on C & C++. Questions on c ranged from operators, to maximum size of arrays, linking of header files, compilation, assembler, pre-processor, the file inclusion, whether one can build a header file etc. in C++ they asked about OO concepts, encapsulation, abstraction, virtual functions & how they work, polymorphism, inheritance. In DBMS I was asked to name some commercial DBMS packages & whether MS Access was one. Also what normalization was & how it was done. Also what client server architecture was & to give a real life example of it. In DS I was asked about what queue how it worked & whether one could have a LIFO queue. Also what r single & double linked lists.
          In the HR Interview they first of all they told me that “I am giving u two minutes to sell urself to us”. Thereafter they asked about me, my hobbies. They also asked what other campus processes I had attended & what had happened in them. Finally they asked whether I had any questions & I asked two questions.
          Finally they announced the results half an hour after the process was over. They selected 21 candidates. I was selected as was 5 others from my batch. We were really happy for each other.
          Prepare well & u can surely become a “ZENSARian”!



I appeared in zensar pool campus drive which was  held in DIT dehradun on 14th march 2007 .It comprised of writtten + technical-interveiw+ essay writing+HR round.
out of around 300 studnets only 51 could clear the apti..and only 13 were seletced after the  interviews.

The written test had 4 sections . each consists of 22 questions.There was no negative marking and each section had the time limit of 20 minutes . one cant jump to other section and cant turn switch to next section unless told by the invigilators...many copies were cancelled because of that only.
English section:
 5 questions on filling most appropriate word in five setences.
ex :Q1:
1) evryone has the _______ to speak and write.
2) he has not any____ to use the company's car and bunglow. etc   and 3 more.
we had to select most appropriate word. that would fit in all the above sentences.
a)right(ans)  b)...c)...d)....
questions on one word short but difficult  reading passage ,
2 questiosn were on analogies.
2 questions were select the part of the sentence which is grammatically incorrect.
They are no less than seventy students in the class.

Analytical reasoning::
1)refer R.S.Aggrawal logical reasoning..
2) one question was like...there are 7 persons ..out fo them only one was male....their profession s are enginer, doctors and teachers,
out of them only 3 ar teachers, 2 doctor and 2 engineer. there are three care santro, maruti , and wagon r .. thens ome condtions were given   ..A can not go with B in car santro.
 2 people of same profession cna not go in same car..
....was easy ..
3)line graph of three countries on taxe was given. then questions on theire comparison of annual etc  taxes were asked (easy one).
4) a sequence was given.,
a) how many alphabets are not at thier correct postions   ..
(options: 8 ,7,13,...)

b) how many of pair of alphabbets are there at correct positions.
(options : 13 , 6, ...)
2 more questions relate dtro it..were bit confusing...

Quantitave(22 questions):very easy quetsions were there of 7th standard level.
1) 2 chairs and 3 tables cost Rs 400,  6 tables and 7 chairs cost Rs700.
find cost of 3 chairs and 4 tables.

2) a person sells 2 horses in 1600 rs. he gained 5% on one horse and 5% loss on other. what was his net profit or loss.
3) one question was on DI.
questiosn were easy but we could not attemp all as the time was very less..

technical:(23 questions)1) u v used MODIFY and then SKIP-3 commands one after the other in the table of 30 records.
on which record will be the cursor.
a) 28th b)27th (ans) c)3rd ...record.

2) which of the following protocol will be sued  when u want to communicate with a system to obtain files. effciently.
a) TFTP b)FTP (ans) c) udp d)..
 some c output questions ,,
one quest. on c++ o/p
rdbms and networking (related to protoocls ) were asked..

time management is the main key to crack the apti..
INTERVIEW:prepare C , c++ ..they
some quetsions were:
1) tell about urslf .., quets related to project..
a program to check which of the 3 nos is equal to many ways are their..
ans : one by simple if-else method, then using nested ternary operator(?:),by makin a function using preprocessor directive.
 2) to make a progoram to print the pattern ..
         1 2
         1 2 3
so tht the user enters the rows..(write evrythign in the prgram ..include header files also)
then theya ske d quest relate d to tht program.  eg: if i include header fiel at the bottom of the main will it give error..ans : it wont..)
be confidendt he 'lla sk amny times " r u sure".

3) asked wht is encapsulation ..explain it till he didnt look satisfactory try to tell him using examples..
4) wht is virtual function. overloading and overriding ..
does overriding and overloading depend on return type
he the n worte   certain functions:
int sum(int ,int)
double sum (int ,float, int)
double sum( int ,int)
which out of them follow overloading .

after tech intrvw we were given a topic to write on it...mine was"impact of films on youth",, othe rppl were gvien topics like  "is outsourcing losing it s  grip in India."   "wht life has taught u" "why should we hire u and wht qualities u v ",....." wht books give u "..etc
try to use  certain impressive wors in ur riting draw the the end..

HR:my Hr went till 35 mins...she was throign quetsiong.
shhe first read my eassy ...thoroughly.. then she asked ..okay tell abt urslf in 1 min.. she gave certain situations...try to show  them tht uv values..they were chekcing my patience... She then asked whr do us ee urslf after 5 years.. she then asked whr do u see urslf in zensar aftr 5 yrs ( i said as projct mangr) then she aske dafter 2 yrs ..i saind (senior s/w engr) and aftr 10yrs   i said ceo on tht she asked uv the qualtiie of becoming a ceo.. wht 'll u do to becoe m a ceo..i explaind..all tht stuff.. she then asked wht value u 'lla dd to zensar.etc..

fortunately i was one among the 13 selected..
the key is tht be cool..and give the answeres confidently,,with a smiling face..

Anuja Shukla

[PlacementPapers] Zensar Sample C - C++ - Test Paper

Sample Test Paper
C test
  1.  if(fp == fopen(\"dfas\",\"r\") = = NULL), what is the value of fp
       a. NULL
       b. 0
       c. 1
       d. 0 or 1
  2. #define sqr(x) x*x, what is value of j if j == 2 * sqr(3 + 4)
  3. #define FILENAME(extension) test_##extension, how will it print FILENAME(back)
    a. test_back
    b. test_#back
    c. test_##back
    d. ??
  4. char *p == \"hello world\"
    p[0] == \'H\', what will be printf(\"%s\", p);
    a. Hello world
    b. hello world
    c. H
    d. compile error
  5. int fun(), how do u define pointer to this function ??
  6. what is ment by int (* xyz)[13]
  7. what is true from
    a. base call ferernece is compatible with child class
    b. child class reference is compatible with base class
    c. no reference to class
    d. ??
  8. class b
      class a
         friend class b
    then what is ture
    a. a can access all protected and public members in b
    b. b can access all protected and public members in a
    c. a can access all members of a
    d. b can access all members of b
  9. What is the output
       int n=0;
       int i;
           case 0:do{
           case 1:n++;
           case 2:n++;

         a. compile error
         b. 4
         c. 1
         d. 0

  10. Two liquids A : B in ratio 7:5 and now 24 gallons drain out and b is added the ratio becomes 5:7 what is containr capacity ? 30, 48 , 84, none
  11. man has rope of length 660 mtr to fence a area , what is the max area he can fence ?
  12. Son is about to celebrate 10th birthday. after 11 years his age will be half the average of his parents. his mother is 17 years older to him. what is the age of the father.
  13. DI question where hotels project are given and no of rooms in each hotels , investment , project yr . and company name
    were asked to find min cost per room is for which hotel , which avg cost per room etc.
  14. Avg of 6 no is 8 what 7 th no shud be added to make avg 10;
  15. difference  of cube of a no and its square is a perfect square , what is the no. -> 5
  16. diff of three consecutive nos square and the nos is 214; find the nos :
    Interview  Technical
  17. Write a minimal C++ program .
  18. (a) Talk about yourself
    (b) What are your strengths.
    (c) Where do you think you have to improve.
    (d) Where do you see yourself after 5 years
  19. main()
              int i==2;
              int a==4;
                  printf( \" TRUE \");
                  printf(\"FALSE \");

    What is the output of the program ..
    Ans ) TRUE , coz i+==3 becomes incremented and i becomes 5 . So i is greater than a
  20. What is an OS ?
  21. What is a Data Structure ?
  22. It is a an abstract data type where some operations can be defined and performed on the data. It makes the task of a programmer easy coz it has all the set of data and operations at a particular place
  23. What is OOP.
  24. What is Object Oriented Analysis and design.
  25. How do u communicate between object and class.
  26. What is the role Software in the real life in current scenario.
  27. What is object and how it is similar to real life entity
  28. What is extranet, intranet, internet

    HR interview..
  29. Ok, what do your friends call u???
  30. how many friends do u have???
  31. Do u talk with girls???
  32. How many girl friends do u have???
  33. whatz the difference of a girlfriend from a girl who is a friend???
  34. what do u do on sundays???
  35. Do u like hyderabad???
  36. whatz so special about it???
  37. what places have u got to visit in hyd...???
  38. how many of them have u gone to

[PlacementPapers] ZENSAR PAPER AND INTERVIEW ON 11th March 2007, Sathyamangalam


Hi Friends, I am Nagarajan, a student of EEE DISCIPLINE of Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology, Sathyamangalam.Their recruitment process has the following stages:
I] Aptitude Test of 80 minutes duration. It has four sections – English, Quantitative, Verbal reasoning & Technical section which contained only C & C++.

Each section consists of 22Questions.In all there was 88 questions in my paper where as other sets had between 80 to 90. There was no negative marking .There was an sectional cut-off but there were sectional time limits of 20 minutes each. U r only allowed moving on to the next section only when the time of a section was up.

II] There was a separate technical and HR rounds.

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: On the next day they gave a detailed PPT before the start of the interview process. They also give u a form to fill up. U also need to bring 2 copies of ur CV and 2 photocopies of your own as they’ll take one copy of the CV(with your photo) along with the form.The duration of interviews ranged from 15 to as much as 45 minutes.

I was the last the person to attended the interview.In the Technical interview I was asked about the following questions:

 * Tell about your favourite subjects?
 * why did you chhose your favourite subject as DigitalLogicCircuits?
 * Draw the EX-OR Gate using NAND Logic(NAND gate) and explin it with the truth table?
 * what is Transistor?
 * what is PNP Transistor?
 * what is Triode?
 * What is the difference between Stack and Queue?
 * Explain about the Binary traversals?
 * What is Inorder,Preorder,Postorder?
 * Explin about the Software development Cycle?
 * What is a register? What is the use of it?

 They had asked me only the basic concepts what i had studied in my Curriculum.

HR INTERVIEW:(In the HR Interview they were very friendly and also they expect the frank answer from the candidates whom attended the process).In the HR I was asked about the following questions:

 * firstly i was asked to tell about my family?
 * what do you like most in your Institution?
 * what you don't like most in your Institution?
 * what would you like like to change in your Institution?
 * Why did you choosen career in EEE?
 * Where would you be after 10yrs.?
 * Would you like to grow in the Proffesional line?
 * what are all the changes that you had observed in your Institution?
 * How about the interview process?
 * How do you feel about written test?
 * do you have any Questions to ask me?

Finally they announced the results one day after the process was over. They selected 9 candidates. I was selected as was 9 others from my batch. We were really happy for each other.

Don't be tensed while attending the interview.Because they were very friendly with you guys.also be confident on your self.Answer as many questions as possible in the technical session with practical examples.
The aptitude round was act as a high elimination roundfor us.The Technical section consists mostly of DBMS questions with few c and c++ questions.The analytical section consists of very simple mathematical prooblems relating with average,missing nos,etc...but they had given five sets of question papers( booklet )one for each candidate.the verbal section was also easy containing some Anagram,Fill in the blanks with appropriate words,one simple comprehension.(No need to prepare separately for verbal section).but the logical section is some what tougher than verbal section.the time management should bo very important to answer atleast 85% of the questions.It is not possible to answer correctly for all the questions,it is just enough if you answer the questions correctly of what you are doing with the help of rough sheets and using your knowledge.But there will be a sectional cutoff marks.
Prepare well & u can surely become a “ZENSARian”!




Hi, i m manish kumar. Zensar visited our college campus on 12/04/2007 and i m lucky to get through it. the selection procedure consist of 4 rounds.

2.technical written interview interview

Written exam was not that tough. it is easy to clear if one is clear with basic things. the tech written in first round is a bit tough a btech person will definitely get nervouse.
Then in the second round only tech exam was conducted. it consisted of 20 question and 20 mins. it is also a bit tough for btech guy.
When the result was announced for this round i cant believe that i have cleared it. bcoz the test was real tough.
Then came the interview
Tech interview

Sir: which is the first computer?
Manish: i could not answer it. and say sorry.

Sir: how can u change the booting process?
Manish: by pressing f6.

Sir: what is the configuration of ur laptop?
Manish: answer it perfectly as i m a hardware specialist.

Sir :what is diff betwee c and c++?
Manish: defined it as good as possible. he was quite impressed i thnk.

Sir: what is exception handling?
Manish: answered it with an example. ofcourse in a paper.

Then he came to dbms
Sir: what is normalization? and types?
Manish: defined it very nicely as it was my fav subject. he was impressed by the way i answered. i gave all the types of normalization with examples.

Sir: what is indexing?
Manish: also answered it. but i did not know much abt it.

Sir: types of indexing?
Manish: sorry sir i dont know.

Sir: what is polymorphish?
Manish: described it by real life example. again he impressed and said very good.

At last he asked me do u have any question for me?

I asked two question abt company.
the interview lasted for 30 mins.
results were declared soon and i was thru.
HR interview taken by madam

Mam: have u taken ur lunch as the interview was after lunch?
Manish:i said no bcoz i was eagerly waiting for my interview and cant feel my hunger.

Mam:tell me abt urself?

Mam:how many members in ur family?

Mam:what r the good qualities ur frnd find in u?
Manish:i said hard working, loyalty, truthfulness

Mam:in which area u wud like to inprove urself?
Manish:i said i wud like to improve my comm skill.

Mam:what r u doing for that?
Manish:i impressed her by saying people do reading,mirror speaking etc but i improve mine by talking to people like u.

Mam:what r ur achievements?
Manish:told every achievements in life small or big.

then she asked 1 ques from my extra curricular activity. to describe a event in a competition.
while answering i used a hindi word and she laughed and i too.

which type of people do u like?
i said extrover
she said why
then a long discussin continues.

at last she gave me an essay to write on offshoring within 5 mins
this interviev was also for 30 mins.
at last she said wait for result. and i thank and came out.
And finally when the result was declared my name was there.


Hi !
Friends my name is VINAY CHAUHAN i m doing my B.E.(com sci) from GLOBAL INST. OF TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR. I attended d centralized campus organized by ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES, PUNE. campus was held at poornima college of engineering.
here i m describing the selection prcedure--
candidates having 60% in 10th n 12th and b.e. aggregate 70% with branches cs,it,ec were only allowed to appear in d campus drive

1. APTITUDE TEST(4 sections, separate cut off)
a) technical interview
b) hr interview (1 essay of 5 minutes was also dere)

First of all they conducted aptitude test.aptitude test contains these sectoins.

These sections in paper contains 80 questions and duration was 80 mins.we have to do each section in 20 minutes. We coudnt move to next section before 20 mins. and once a section is completed we coudn't go back.there was sectional cutoff. some of the sample questions which i remember are --

A) English ability. --
Q1. which is suitable combination similar to - pesticide : crop :: antiseptic: ?
a) wound   b) clothing   c) bandage   d) bleeding.

Q2. It is a long time.............i saw my friend who lives...............his parents...........he neighbouring town.
a) when ; at ; of     b) since ; with ; in.    c) when ; for ; in     d) since ; for ; of.
and other questions of selecting suitable words and also 3 questions based on one small passage. it was very easy one and in fact d easiest section was english section only.

B) Quantitive aptitude--
Q1. if ratio of milk and water in one container is 3:5 and in another is 1:2 they mixed togeher then  what is ratio of milk and water ?

Q2. dimension of a room is 5*8 meters. room floor is covered by carpet by leaving  space 4cm from walls. if carpet is 18rs. per meter then total cost?

Q3. find out d odd one in d series
    a)9  b)121  c)361  d)881
answer is d)881 since it is not a perfect square.

it also contains questions related to tabulaion,distance and time, work percentage , profit and loss. R. S. AGGARWAL is more than is time consuming part be fast otherwise u will not be able to attempt all the questions.

C) Logical reasoning --
for me dis section was tough coz it really consumed time n it was not possible to attempt all d questions in mere 20 minutes
although i tried my level best n i was sure i will cross d cut off of this section so guys b fast 4 dis section. simple q based on venn diagram and selection of suitable statement were also there  refer R.S.AGGARWAL (verbal).

D) Technical skills --
this section was complete technical so be prepare. it contains C ,C++, DBMS ,RBMS and general computer architecture.
This is all about written test. 66 students were selected out of 600. i cleared dis round and then dey gave ppt to the selected candidates only. from my college only three cleared the written ppt dey talked about company profile. my interview was on d same day.

here he asked me to show him my resume. then he asked me about ORACLE. i strictly said no sir i m not good at oracle because i havnt studied it  yet.
then he said ok which languages u have studied so far
strctly mention all d languages which u have mentioned in ur resume
i said c,c++,JAVA

Q1) what is the difference between c and c++?
Q2) what is object oriented programming?
Q3) what is the difference between the class n objects?
Q4) what was the need of classes?
 truly speaking i loved dis question then i described from the beginning mentioning the name of the person who invented C++ and all the things which were
required to move to classes n object oriented concept.
Q5) what is encapsulation?
always try to give precise n exact definitions with examples
Q6) what is abstraction?
Q7) what is the need for abstraction? give some practical example?
Q8) what is inheritence?
Q9) give a real life example of inheritance?
Q10) what is polymorphism?
Q11) write a program for SWAPPING?

 int a=5;
 int b=10;
 a=a+b;      //a=15
 b=a-b;     //b=15-10=5
 printf("value of b is %d",b);
 a=a-b;     //a=15-5=10
 printf("value of a is %d",a);

actually i did this program witout using temporary variable then he asked me is there any other method then i very smartly said yes sir v can also use a temporary variable.

Q12) what is jvm?
Q13) what do u know about data base management system?
Q14) what is rdbms?
Q15) write a query to create a table?
Q16) if v dont pass the fields name then vil d table b created?
Q17) what is preprocessor?
Q18) what is the difference between compiler and interpretter?
Q19) what is the command to make a file in dos?
i said i was not able to recollect it now.
Q20) what are header files?
Q21) what r the needs for header files?
Q21) what is d difference between preprocessor directives n header files?
Q22) what is the use of main in any program?
Q23) when v make graphics in c++ then which header file v include?

questions were very simple n was all basics a student from cs branch must know. i was asked to wait outside after a few minutes i was called 4 the H.R. round-

may i come in mam?
hi vinay please come in
may i have a seat mam?
ya sure please sit.

ok vinay take dis paper n now i vil give u 5 mins write something abot urself ur college ur branch n y u opted 4 dat branch
n how do u see urself after 5 years 4rm now?

i quickly finished the work in less than 2 mins.
mam started readin it
ok vinay wat do ur father do?
mam my father is a govt. servant
how long has he been serving 4 his organization?
27 years
oh dat is a very long time would u serve 4 an organisation 4 such a long time
i said mam it depends totlly on d work environment n also if there is a kind of emotional bond b/w me n employees of the company
so u r avery emotional kind of person
yes mam i m a very emotional kind of person.

ok imagine u r a ceo of a company n one of ur friend who is emotionally attached to u asks u to leak the secrets of the company wud u do dat?
no mam the first priority is 4 the firm 4 which i m serving n no compromise on dat part.
ok so u r emotional but not ethnically emotional.
wat kind of person r u? domestic or international?
i said domestic n justified wid my views

next she asked traditional or modern? i said traditional
n gave the example of lalu prasad yadav (rail minister of india) being a traditional kind of person in speaking n living he is popular all over the world
she asked me really
then i said mam he recently gave management classes to students 4rm HORWARD UNIV.
mam u must hav read in the news paper? she said yes i did.
ok what kind of animal do u like? n y?
i said ANT coz  hard working, always moving towards its goal, n team work.
i think u watch national geography channel a lot.
i said no mam i dont.
then wat do u watch in ur tv set.
i said i dont get time to see tv
then she asked me how do i manage my time?

mam after my college i use to give tuitions to school going children.
u like teaching dem?
i said no mam i dont like teaching them infact i love teaching them.
ok yes its gr8 fun then she mentiond dat she also used to give tuitions at her time

u live in hostel or some whre else
i said my hometown is in udaipur bt i live here with my relatives
ok vinay thank u very much
thank u mam it was pleasure talking to u
same here
she asked me 4 two photographs of mine