Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IBM referral openings

Unique Opportunity in GBS GD
SAP Service line has opened hiring of SAP professionals with experience range starting from 1.5 years to 8 years with No End users experience to be included.
This Opportunity is only given to the employee referred candidates, We are looking for hiring SAP practitioners for the below criteria..
  1. Candidates with 1.5 years to 8 years of SAP lateral experience, With 16 years of Formal Education - Note no end users will be considered
So if you know any of your friends and family who match the  criteria and are ready for IBM, all you need to do is reply back to this email with the resume attached, Please don't change any email attributes For further details on skills & Modules, Please refer to the requirements tab.
Employee Referral Bonus Program Office(India)

Please Note
  • Please ask your referral to mention your name & id clearly in the form given at the venue or attached in this email.Candidates should also mention "Employee Referral" on top of their resume
  • Due to security concerns candidates are not allowed to carry any bags inside the IBM Premises. Please inform your candidates regarding the same.

Source Credit based on Pay-the-scheduler Program
  • The source credit for IBM INDIA is based on a special program, "Pay-the-scheduler "

In the likelihood that the candidate has been contacted by multiple channels for the same position, it is important to identify the RIGHT SOURCE through which the candidate appears for the interview.
"Pay the scheduler" program helps IBM to provide the credit to the correct source in all such events. Based on this program, in addition to the above process :
  • When the candidate appears for an interview, (s)he will be required to fill  and sign an Applicant Source Form (ASF) with complete details
  • On this form, the Referred Candidate declares the Source through which the candidate has come to know of the opportunity available with IBM for attending the interview
  • Every candidate has to declare the Employee Name & Employee ID of the Referrer through which (s)he has appeared for the interview
  • The referred candidate has to submit all the mandatory documents along with the signed ASF during the interview which cannot be changed/modified at a later date.
  • Please ensure that your referred candidate completes the details required on the ASF, basis which, the source will be accredited.

In case the candidate does not mention any of the two details required, i.e.. Referrers Name and Employee ID , the referrer will not be eligible to receive the ERBP-bonus

We are happy to extend the referral eligibility to all People Managers (Band 10 and below).
People Managers will be eligible to receive a referral incentive only if
1. They are not involved in the candidate selection process (as interview panelists)
2. They are not their referrals' hiring manager.
3. The candidate is not the Direct reportee of the referrer.

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  1. those who are matching the above requirements,can send your resumes to my gmail,clearly mentioning the subject as SAP_IBM_Referral...
    I will refer those candidates.